CBx Data Labs is a leading medical software and data analytics company. Our unique cloud based product connects directly to hardware devices, patients and health professionals. CBx Data Labs improves the course of care for patients while also building and strengthening evidence around a particular device or treatment plan that is both aggregated and anonymized.

Our software is currently being used to support the medical cannabis market. To date, medical cannabis formulas have not necessarily followed a traditional pharmaceutical development path that includes extensive clinical trials for specific indications. We know there is a need to establish a more significant evidence base on the health outcomes for both new and existing cannabis formulas.

This is why CBx Data Labs software tools are being used to collect and then enable patient data to be better analyzed in-market for medical cannabis. Harnessing this type of data through uniquely designed health care applications will go beyond establishing a broad evidence base for specific formulas. It gives both patients and health professionals the ability to better manage the full cycle of care, while also allowing professional organizations, researchers, governments and industry to better understand how a particular course of care is being used in practice.