December 19th, 2018

Toronto – CBx Data Labs is pleased to announce that it is entering into a formal partnership with Think Research Corporation as CBx Data Labs proceeds with a corporate strategy to build and implement data solutions in the medical cannabis market.

There is a need to establish a more significant evidence base on the health outcomes for both new and existing formulas. To date, medical cannabis formulas have not necessarily followed a traditional pharmaceutical development path that includes extensive clinical trials for specific indications. This is why CBx Data Labs is developing software tools to collect and then enable patient data to be better analyzed in-market for medical cannabis. Harnessing this type of data through uniquely-designed healthcare applications will create an evidence base for specific formulas. Further, this data set will offer patients and health professionals the ability to better manage the full cycle of care, while also allowing professional organizations, researchers, governments and industry to better understand how a particular course of care is being used in practice.

CBx Data Labs will deliver the highest quality healthcare data solutions, including the development of applications that support patients and health professionals in tracking dosages, efficacy and remote patient monitoring.

CBx Data Labs is also pleased to further announce the appointment of Chad Walsh as Chief Executive Officer and Peter Cleary as Vice President, Business Development.

In the coming weeks, CBx will announce additional partnerships and a number of advisors to deliver data solutions for the medical cannabis market.

CBx Executive Leadership 

Chad Walsh, CEO
Prior to joining CBx Data Labs, Chad served as Executive Director for the Office of the Premier of Ontario, where he was responsible for external relations, operations, and providing strategic advice on a broad range of issues. Previously, Chad worked as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, where he worked closely with the agri-food sector and developed relationships across the supply chain.

Peter Cleary, Vice President (Business Development)
Peter served as Director of Parliamentary Affairs for the Hon. Jane Philpott, Minister of Health in the Government of Canada. During his time with the federal government, Peter aided in moving key initiatives forward including; changes to the medical cannabis regime, the government’s commitment on legalizing recreational cannabis, landmark assisted dying legislation and the successful negotiation of a 10-year health accord agreement with provinces and territories. Currently, Peter also serves as a Senior Consultant with Santis Health.

For more information, please contact:
Chad Walsh, CBx Data Labs