With our unique partnerships, CBx is positioned to make an immediate impact within the medical cannabis data space.


Since 2006, our knowledge-based tools have empowered clinicians around the world and across all sectors of care: acute, primary and long-term. Our solutions standardize the clinical decision-making process at the point of care and are deployed in over 1,000 facilities in Canada, the US and the EU, with millions of patients impacted annually.When developing our tools, in-house clinicians and developers, who leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, work side by side. Our team of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and nurse practitioners consolidate the latest evidence-based research into actionable insights, and our developers make this available to frontline care providers via solutions that seamlessly integrate into existing clinical workflows.

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Optimist enables practitioners to control what the patient gets and when they get it. The practitioner programs a precise quantity of medication into the inhaler. Dosing reminders light up for patient at medication time. Optimist collects patient feedback and makes HIPPA-compliant data available for developing and validating treatments. Used like a traditional inhaler, it’s widely accepted modality provides a consistent repeatable dose.

Atomized absorption provides better targeting and more reliable absorption rates than heated or ingested delivery methods.

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